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Interior Design in Lansing, MI

For interior design and furnishings, you simply can’t do better than Pleats Interior Design . We are experts and we bring our discerning eye to each and every job we take. Whether you are in the blueprint stage or are simply in the market for beautiful accessories, we can help you make your space absolutely perfect.

Education, experience and testing enable us to offer a wide range of interior design services, including space planning, room additions and interior detailing. Professional design recommendations are based upon the client’s intended use of the space and aesthetic goals, as well as applicable codes and standards.

We can help you make your space exactly what you want it to be. Its look, its feel and its usability will all be outstanding. You won’t believe what we can do with your environment!

We have quality home furnishings, lamps and accessories galore. You may have big plans for an underused room in your home or you may think your commercial facility could use a facelift. Either way, Pleats Interior Design can help. We also work out of state across the United States.

Projects we have worked on include:

  • New home construction in greater Lansing
  • Remodeling projects, including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, dens, and more
  • Commercial/non-residential buildings, including offices, schools, retail spaces, and more

It’s crucial to properly respect each interior design project. Designing an interior that works well for a restaurant is much different than designing the interior space of a home. There are many specifics and details that must be closely examined. Fortunately, with Pleats Interior Design, you can expect honed expertise on each project.

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Top-to-Bottom Interior Design Services

Top-to-Bottom Interior
Design Services

To enjoy truly great spaces, it’s important to pay attention to the details. If you’re designing a room yourself, it can be tempting to glance past the small stuff to focus on the big things, like the flooring and furniture centerpieces (e.g. couches and coffee tables).

Still, the curtains, lamps, and artwork can all have an impact on the look and vibe of a room. By paying close attention and getting the details right, you can ensure that things come together, and that comfort is maximized.

Interior Design in Lansing, MI

Enjoy the Tried-and-True Hands at Pleats Interior Design

For over thirty years, Pleats Interior Design has provided the best interior design services in the greater Lansing, Michigan area. The interior designers at our firm have worked on many commercial and residential projects. No matter your needs and tastes, we can likely provide assistance.

It’s smart to start with an in-person consultation so that we can get a feel for your project and your needs. From there, we can begin the design work.

The Benefits of Working With Pleats Interior Design Include:

  • A commitment to quality
  • Adaptable practices that suit practically any environment
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent customer service and communication
  • Access to the highest-quality building materials

Of course, the above list is far from exhaustive. We have worked with countless clients over several decades now. This has enabled us to establish a reputation in Lansing for high-quality work. Our wide range of experience in commercial, residential, and other properties also allows us to flexibly serve our clients.

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Get in touch with Pleats Interior Design in Lansing, Michigan for all of your interior design needs. We’d be happy to help.
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East Lansing, MI | Okemos, MI | Holt, MI | Haslett, MI | Owosso, MI | Ionia, MI | Howell, MI | Jackson, MI | Albion, MI | Battle Creek, MI | Fenton, MI | Alma, MI | Flint, MI | Boyne City, MI | Petoskey, MI | Northern Michigan and we also work out of state across the United States.

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